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The #1 Secret To Exercise: ReNEW Your Moves

I love to stay active and I am always getting asked what I do to stay moving. It’s more simple than you may think and I’m going to share the #1 secret to exercise. ReNEW your moves!

Do you have an on-again, off-again relationship with getting your sweat on?

You hear it all the time. People start up and exercise routine and then it falls to the wayside for a number of reasons. Too hard, too boring, lack of motivation, lack of time…it’s all been heard.

There is a lot of weird energy around the word “exercise”. Just say it aloud and you will feel it.

Some feel a pit in their stomach or weight in their chest as they associate exercise with something that they “have to” do or a goal that they keep failing at.

Others may feel warmth in their heart or a smile come across their face as they think about how much they love to exercise and all of the benefits that it brings them.

And that’s the important piece. Exercise is beneficial.

My #1 Secret to Exercise

Get some new moves. If you find a way that you love to move, exercise will shift from a “have to” to a “get to” and quite possibly, a “LOVE to”.

I know, seems impossible, right?

But it really can be that simple. My exercise routine used to be structured and planned. More regimented than anything else in my life. And while it was effective, it was also exhausting. It became a redundant task that had to get done. The worst part? My joy that I used to feel around working out was fading fast.

So, I gave myself permission to change it up. I threw the structured plan to the side and committed to just keep moving.

Find Your Feel Good Movement

What do you love to do? What I learned by dropping the structure is that there are a lot of things that I love to do that involve physical activity! By recognizing that movement does not have to have a structure or a plan, I have been able to be open to finding ways to benefit my body and the joy that it brings to me.

Even better, some of those activities involve my family. For example, just yesterday, I took my stand up paddle board to the beach with my husband and kiddos. While they swam and searched for shells, I set out on voyage for some physical paddling, then came back to be with my family. It’s a win-win!

Movement Is Your Time To Connect

Further, another benefit of doing what feels good to you is that is opens your energy up. When we are doing things that have a negative or icky feeling around it, we are sending out negative energy. There is resistance there.

When we are in a state of those feel good vibes, we are in a prime state for connecting to our source and manifesting what our little hearts desire.

Our minds are focused on gratitude for being able to move in ways that we enjoy and gratitude, as Wallace Wattles shares in his book The Science of Getting Rich, reminds us “The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the the best; therefore it tends to become the best; it takes the form or character of the best, and it will receive the best.”

Whether it’s yoga, a walk outside or just dancing in your kitchen, finding the movement that feels good to you will keep you moving, happy and healthy – both mentally and physically.

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