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Dealing With Crisis: How Your Personality Comes Into Play

During our current times of crisis, I’ve taken note of how different people deal with things in different ways. While this may be no surprise, it’s something that intrigues me as I come from a place of believing that in current times, people are honestly just doing the best that they can. And when dealing with crisis, people’s personality comes into play.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my own patterns in dealing with crisis. While I am not one to back away from confrontation with issues that are important to me, I am not one to find confrontation. Which, between COVID-19 and the George Floyd incident and Black Lives Matter, there has been tons of controversy, strongly opposing thoughts and opinions and confrontation.

Regardless of what media channels you follow, this is widely evident, unless you are living in a bunker of solitude.

At first, seeing how various people in my network were reacting. I thought perhaps it was a mindset factor. I noticed that people with a positive and abundance mindset were coming from differing places than those with a negative or a scarcity mindset.

And this may not be completely untrue.

But as I merged myself even further into the “why” of it all. Why are some people so angry that they choose to riot, while others who are equally as angry choose to find ways to do good and others deal with their anger quietly?

Taking Note From the Free Hugs Project

My dear friend Ken Nwadike, of the Free Hugs Project that really got me thinking about this after he released a video sharing his anger surrounding the death of George Floyd. At the same time, he revealed that he will get involved by helping repair caused by the destruction of the rioters.

Watch Ken’s video at

Battling My Own Feelings

I then looked at myself. The fear, devastation and loss that I had been feeling from COVID-19 and the amplification of those feelings from the death of George Floyd and the flashback of experiences of being a non-white female who was raised in predominantly white environments my entire life.

The feelings when I look at my own children, knowing that, they too are not considered white and watching them grow up currently not seeing a difference in skin color. I am praying that will never change but know that some day that it most likely will.

With all these roller coasters of emotions, acknowledging that through this all, I have chosen to stay quiet, to engage with few and to inwardly cope with crisis that we are all witnessing.

“It’s just my personality.” seemed to explain it all. This is my way of dealing with crisis.

Personality’s Role In Stressful Situations

Personality. Of course.

We are all dealing with stress on a daily basis. When dealing with crisis crisis, that stress threateningly spreads like wildfire through all of our lives as we are not only affected by the threat in our own lives but the thoughts and emotions of everyone around us.

We can thank the media for not only taking this to the next level but also introducing us to expansion of stressors, some of which are artificially created.

We don’t have to take it. Most of us don’t. We don’t just sit and take it but the way that we handle it is highly dependent on our personalities.

A few days ago, I revisited the 16 Personalities test. True to form, I was identified as a “Defender”. You know, kind, a perfectionist, analytical generous to the extend of it being a fault and conservative.

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What I realized was, this was in line with how I often deal with crisis and an abundance of stress.

Which led me to dig even deeper into how personality is connected with response to crisis. The key characteristics that make up our individual personalities plays a role in how we react in crisis.

Knowing our personalities gives us deeper understanding of why we deal with crisis the way we do (not just with this current situation, but across the board). It also helps us understand how we can support and understand those around us and their actions and behaviors when in crisis. From your loves ones, to your peers and associates, to your clients and co-workers.

The 16 Personalities

The 16 Personalities is a great resource for understanding this more deeply after determining your own personality type. This article takes a deeper dive into how your identified 16 Personality Type and your strengths can be used during times of crisis.

Regardless of personality, moving through difficult times and being able to come out of them with resiliency requires you to care for yourself in all aspects. You must protect and care for your physical health by getting ample amounts of sleep and nourishing your body. Additionally, you must attend to your mental health as well. Mindset and mindfulness are key in addition to implementing strategies to keep your mental health well.

Take a look at this Mental Wellness Toolbox! It has variety of simple tips and tricks that can be used daily all in alignment with, you guessed it, your personality.

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