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Abundance Mindset: Little Blessings

It’s funny sometimes, how there are little blessings all around you and, if you don’t have to mindset to see them, they can pass you right by. Unless you have an abundance mindset.

In fact, depending on your state of mind, they actually may appear to be quite the opposite. Like a small thorn in your sock or the annoying little piece of plastic that connects a tag to new clothing. Almost invisible yet painfully irritating and bothersome.

Today, I worked all day. As usual. I had a call with a client on the east coast which had me in my office and logged in by 7:30 am PT. My first blessing was having some space in my calendar to take a nice walk once the meeting ended and get my miles in and some fresh air at the start of my day.

The kids are home doing “distance learning” which has made things a bit more difficult. I come out of the office to go to the bathroom or get some water and I am bombarded with questions, requests and whines.

Little blessings.

My hubby, who in many ways is my rockstar (we all have one of some sort, right?) volunteered to take the kids out for a walk so I could have some quiet time before my last call of the day today, which started at 5 pm.

And my son, Carter, didn’t want to go. He’s been a bit lethargic lately and like many moms, has probably been sucked dry from all of the screen time that I have been allowing him to have.

Don’t judge people, I am doing the best I can.

Anyhow, I help him get his socks and shoes on only to witness more and more resistance to leaving. He started dillydallying, asking tons of questions, needing help with this that or the other thing.

You get the picture.

By the time my husband and daughter were out the door, Carter was in full blown tears, clutching on to me like a toddler on the first day of day care. He didn’t want to leave me.

So easily, I could have found myself in irritation. Having thoughts like…

“This is ridiculous. He is almost eight years old.”

“Why is he such a mama’s boy?”

“He can’t even give me space to have some peace and quiet.”

But none of those thoughts crossed my mind. Instead, a saw it as a little blessing.

You see the shift for me was being able to shift from a scarcity mindset to and abundance mindset. The difference is that with an abundance mindset you are looking at life through a lens of joy, successes and plentiful resources. With a scarcity mindset, the focus tends to be around the concept of loss and their not being enough.

Not having enough having enough time to deal with my son (scarcity) versus seeing the amount of love and the deep connection that we have that is causing his reaction (abundance).

A scarcity mindset actually has dangers all on its own. It put our brain into a pattern in seeing what is not there, comparing ourselves to what others have and causing us to live a life that is unfulfilled, always wanting more yet never being able to recognize that we have it.

So, where in your life can you shift to an abundance mindset and see all the little blessings instead of the inconveniences? With your business, finances, family and even your calendar.

This will be a game changer in all areas of your life.

I often just start with gratitude. Whether it’s a simple thought, quiet moment or journaling or meditation, you can begin by spending some dedicated time on seeing all the little blessings that surround you and holding them in gratitude.

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