Kelley Tenny

Nutrition, Energy and Wellness for Entrepreneurs



It’s an amazing feeling when my formal education in health and wellness, expertise in education and experience as an entrepreneur blend together to enable me to serve.

My Story

I have always had a passion for health and wellness. This passion brought me to study community health education with the intention of serving in a way that I could increase the over health and wellness of our country, and really the world.

My love of working with others and skills with teaching led me to over 20 years of teaching health education at the K-12 and university levels. The university, a place where I still enjoy educating my students and empowering them to improve their health and improve their quality of life.

The birth of my two children lead me to pursue more of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. And, because of them, I was required to learn how to maintain a successful career and still have the energy to be a mom and a wife, and to fulfill those roles with everything that I have.

It was here where I took on a roll as a business coach to support others and soon learned that the very people that society often thinks live lavishly and with freedom, were really people that were burned out or overwhelmed, suffering physically and mentally and sacrificing their quality of life. From that, RENEW: Nutrition, Energy and Wellness was born.


My Values & Beliefs


Every single person was created with intention. We are here in this world to generate impact, in our own, individual way. When our personal health and wellness is not prime, it reduces our ability to create impact and to live the life that was meant for us. RENEW was developed intentionally to support entrepreneurs with simple strategies for living a life that allows them to serve their purpose.


Behind every entrepreneur is inspiration. The initial spark of light that led them to launch their business. It is so easy to get bogged down by the daily tasks and forget what the spark was. One of RENEW’s main focus is to help reignite that spark with easy, implementable actions and more importantly, keep the flame going so that you can create your magic!


It is in an enlightened state that every entrepreneur generates their ideas and visions for their business. Without this state of being, the true purpose and mission can be unclear or cloudy. RENEW is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in living in a state of enlightenment so that they can create the impact to which their business was intended.

The RENEW Approach


What makes RENEW so unique comes from my 20 years of experience in education. The one thing that sets our  approach apart is the realization that everyone has unique needs. When improving health and wellness, one size does not fit all which is why we customize all of that coaching  that we do with our clients. No matter what level of service you choose, rest assured that the strategies will be created for you, your personal goals and your lifestyle. 


Don’t Wait Any Longer. It’s time to RENEW your life and enjoy your success without sacrifice!