Nutrition, Energy and Wellness 

Ready to have a thriving career without sacrifice your personal life?

It’s time to change the way you do business. The truth is, it IS possible to have a successful career, have the energy to enjoy your personal life AND generate the revenue that you have dreamed of.

And, it can all happen with some simple shifts. Get ready to regain your clarity, passion and energy for professional life! 

Doing Business Without Sacrifice

3 Key Components

Feeling tired and burned out when it comes to working your business? Maybe you just find yourself feeling lost and unfocused every now and then. 

Or maybe you just feel overwhelmed. The weight of your professional and personal roles are resting on your shoulders. You find  yourself wondering how you can make it all happen.

Regardless of which one you resonate with, they can both have a negative effect on your health and wellness, as  well as your success!

But that can change and it can be quite simple too! Because let’s face it, it has to be! You’re too busy building your business to do too much else!

There are 3 Key Components That You Need to Have in Your Life to Rock Your Success Without Sacrificing Your Life.

Entrepreneurial Wellness Coaching

Run your business without sacrificing your personal life with RENEW’s research based process that will bring back your energy and focus so that you can rock your business and thrive in life.

Career Energetic Coaching

Having a successful career while juggling personal commitments is not alwasy easy. You have the demands of your job as well as the roles in your own life. The combination of the two can lead to 24/7 stress and overwhelm. Get support is shifting and managing your energy to live a professional and personal life with ease.


Impactful Course Creation

It’s time that you shared all that you know with others so that you can make a bigger impact. Let RENEW support you in creating the course that you envision without sacrificing focus and energy in your  business and life.

What Is ReNEW?
Who is ReNEW For?

Are you ready to enjoy your success in the way that you were meant to? You didn’t create a business to be your own boss and have a life that you can’t enjoy because you are too tired! If you are ready to see both your business and personal life thrive, RENEW is just for you. Improved energy, health and wellness leads not only to success in all areas of life … but deeper relationships, more drive, improved clarity, better focus. (And those all lead to more cash flow!)

No Sweat Nutrition

Nutrition is key if you want to maintain the focus and energy needed to have a thriving business and personal life. And, it doesn’t have to be difficult! Let us take the sweat out of eating right.

Movement Driven Mindset

Your mind is part of your body too! But, we often forget that. It needs to be nurtured just like the rest of your body. It’s time to take care of it. Simple shifts will help reduce stress, anxiety and burnout.

Personality Based Movement

Your body craves movement and so does your brain! Rejuvenate yourself with daily movement. Blood circulation is just what you need to keep energy levels up and your brain focused. And, we will help you find what works well for you!

Kelley Yindiphol Tenny is a powerhouse dedicated to bringing everyone along on the best life possible!

Mary Maynard

Founder, Centered Wellness

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start your RENEW journey today and enjoy your success with ease!